Fabio Gadducci

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Born in 1966, Fabio Gadducci graduated in Computer Science (Laurea in Science dell'Informazione) at the University of Pisa in 1991, and received his Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1996 (VII cycle) within the consortium formed by the Universities of Genoa, Pisa and Udine.
He has been a Research Fellow from October 1996 until September 1998 at the Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany, and from April until December 1999 at the University of Edinburgh, UK.
He is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa, and among his activities, member of the IFIP Working Groups 1.3 Foundations of System Specification (since February 2008) and 9.7 History of Computing (since June 2012). He is serving since 2015 in the Scientific Committee of Gruppo di Informatica (GRIN) and since 2017 in the Consiglio Universitario Nazionale (CUN). He has been part of various Italian and EU-sponsored research programme, and the national coordinator of the Italian project PRIN08 SisteR (Reduction Systems: synthesis, refinement and verification of behavioural models).
His research interested focussed mostly on specification and verification techniques for concurrent and distributed systems. The main topics were the development of abstract operational and denotation models for concurrency and the investigation of logics for expressing properties about resources and spatial distribution. His most recent thread has been devoted to enriching the set of tools available (for combinatorial optimization) in constraint programming.
Since 2011 he has been involved in the re-establishing of the Museum of Computing Machinery, organising the events celebrating the 50 years of the first scientific computer designed and built in Italy, the CEP (Calcolatrice Elettronica Pisana), and actively researching on the history of early Italian computers. He has been Scientific Director of the Museum since October 2013.

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