The list of current students is also available in list format.

Jose Manuel Alvarez's picture

Jose Manuel Alvarez

Mila Andreani's picture

Mila Andreani

Dario Balboni's picture

Dario Balboni

Lorenzo Bellomo's picture

Lorenzo Bellomo

Francesco Bodria's picture

Francesco Bodria

Agnese Bonavita's picture

Agnese Bonavita

Silvia Corbara's picture

Silvia Corbara

Andrea Cossu's picture

Andrea Cossu

Elisa Ferrari's picture

Elisa Ferrari

Filippo Galli's picture

Filippo Galli

Andrea Gini's picture

Andrea Gini

Leonardo Niccolò Ialongo's picture

Leonardo Niccolò Ialongo

Benedetta Iavarone's picture

Benedetta Iavarone

Luca Insolia's picture

Luca Insolia

Jisu Kim's picture

Jisu Kim

Giacomo Lanciano's picture

Giacomo Lanciano

Francesca Lizzi's picture

Francesca Lizzi

Valentina Macchiati's picture

Valentina Macchiati

Sara Mazzilli's picture

Sara Mazzilli

Mirko Nardi's picture

Mirko Nardi

Francesca Naretto's picture

Francesca Naretto

Kilian Ollivier's picture

Kilian Ollivier

Anthony Onoja's picture

Anthony Onoja

Ivan Ortiz Rodriguez's picture

Ivan Ortiz Rodriguez

Cecilia Panigutti's picture

Cecilia Panigutti

Valentina Pansanella's picture

Valentina Pansanella

Giovanni Puccetti's picture

Giovanni Puccetti

Andrea Pugnana's picture

Andrea Pugnana

Tommaso Radicioni's picture

Tommaso Radicioni

German Rodikov's picture

German Rodikov

Andrea Somazzi's picture

Andrea Somazzi

Francesco Spinnato's picture

Francesco Spinnato

Laura State's picture

Laura State

Jack Tacchi's picture

Jack Tacchi

Giovanni Tonutti's picture

Giovanni Tonutti

Giorgio Tripodi's picture

Giorgio Tripodi

Vasiliki Voukelatou's picture

Vasiliki Voukelatou

Gevorg Yeghikyan's picture

Gevorg Yeghikyan

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