Ethics and legal dimensions of data science

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Giovani COMANDE' (coord.)







Educational Goals: 

The aim of the course is to provide a general understanding of Public and Constitutional law to the students, who will get a conceptual framework of the processes through which each public policy is constructed, implemented and eventually evaluated by political and administrative institutions. The first module (10 hrs.) will focus on the current and future implications of the use of Big Data within the public decision-making across the different policy areas. In order to obtain a necessary alignment of competences for students coming from different backgrounds, the first part of the module will be devoted to a concise description of political decision-making from the point of view of Public and Constitutional law, both in Italy and abroad. The course will then deal with the analysis of the current and possible uses of Big Data within these public decision-making processes, as well as the ethical and political issues that it raises. The second module (10 hrs.) will focus, with an interactive approach, on the opportunities that can be given by the exploitation of Big Data produced and made available by political and administrative institutions.
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