European Statistical System

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M.Sc. Economics - Official Statistics


Monica PRATESI (coord.)




On 27 October 2017 in Room F2 from 12.15 to 13.45 and on 30 October 2017 in Room L2 from 12.15 to 13.45, Prof. Daniela Ghio (Ministero dell'Interno) will take the Seminars on "The European Statistical System"; - On 10, 13, 17 and 20 November 2017 from 12.15 to 13.45, Prof. Luigi Biggeri (University of Florence) will take lectures on "The estimation and computation of Income, Consumption and PPPs in the European Statistical System" (Room F2 and L2); - On 9 November 2017 from 12.15 to 13.45 in Room F2, Prof. Tommaso Rondinella (ISTAT Roma) will take lectures on "Measuring Equitable and Sustainable Well-being: the Italian BES and the Sustainable Development Goals"; - On 21st of November 2017 and the 5th of December 2017 at 16.00, Prof. Natalie Shlomo, Magna Room, distance lectures; - On 30 th November 2017 and 1 st December 2017 from 12.15 to 13.45 (Room F2), Prof. Ulrich Rendtel Freie University , lectures ÒIssues of the analysis of socio-economic panel surveysÓ; - On 27th November 2017 from 12.15 to 13,45 (Room L2 )Lecture Prof. Parthasarathi Lahiri, Maryland Population Research Center, ÒBig Data, Big Promise, Big Challenge: Can Small Area Estimation Play a Role in the Big Data Centric World?Ó
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