Data Science Colloquium 2019


  • Data Science Colloquium


  • 2018/2019


Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 09:00 to Thursday, February 14, 2019 - 17:00


Auditorium Officine Garibaldi, via Gioberti 39, Pisa, Italy


Day 1 - Morning Session

09:00 Welcome
Dino Pedreschi (UNIPI)
09:15 The Internet of (Knowing) People: Distributed, Personalised Data Analytics in a human-centric Future Internet
Andrea Passarella (IIT)
09:30 Complex Networks and Statistical Physics
Guido Caldarelli (IMT)
09:45 Data-driven Generation of Personalization Rules for Internet of Things and Robots
Fabio Paternò (ISTI)
10:00 Research opportunities in open innovation and SMEs
Alberto di Minin (Sant’Anna)
10:15 Break
10:30 Brain Networks in Healthy Subjects and Patients
Rossana Mastrandrea (IMT)
10:45 Transfer Learning in Mobility data analysis
Roberto Trasarti (ISTI)
11:00 Data Science for decision making: Perspectives and Applications on Healthcare and Marketing
Giuseppe Turchetti (Sant’Anna) and Valentina Lorenzoni (Sant’Anna)
11:15 Structural and Functional Brain Networks
Tommaso Gili (IMT)
11:30 Challenges of privacy-preserving big data analytics
Anna Monreale (UNIPI) and Francesca Pratesi (UNIPI)
11:45 Predictive Maintenance and Online Defect Recognition for Industry 4.0
Franco Maria Nardini (ISTI)
12:00 Sport Data Analytics
Paolo Ferragina (UNIPI)

Day 1 - Afternoon Session

14:00 Data analysis and Machine learning to understand the structure of matter (Streaming CERN)
Chiara Roda (UNIPI)
14:15 Autonomous driving and more: (some) big data challenges in the embedded computing world
Marco Di Natale (Sant’Anna)
14:30 Word embeddings quantization and fast similarity search
Nicola Tonellotto (ISTI)
14:45 Technological knowledge, firm growth and industry evolution
Andrea Mina (Sant’Anna) and Arianna Martinelli (Sant’Anna)
15:00 Dynamic Monitoring and Data Analysis for Architectural Heritage
Ercan Kuruoglu (ISTI)
15:15 Break
15:30 I dati dei pagamenti elettronici per il miglioramento delle stime macroeconomiche
Alessandra Righi (ISTAT)
15:45 Brain MRI signals and gene expression in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Elisa Ferrari (PhD student)
16:00 Robust model selection for high-dimensional data
Luca Insolia (PhD student)
16:15 XAI: explaining black-box decisions for healthcare applications
Cecilia Panigutti (PhD student)
16:45 A multidisciplinary approach to the study of misinformation diffusion
Tommaso Radicioni (PhD student)

Day 2 - Morning Session

9:00 SoBigData Research Infrastructure
Fosca Giannotti (CNR)
9:15 Use of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Health Care, and Patient-reported experience and knowledge data discovery
Michela Natilli (CNR), Chiara Seghieri (Sant’Anna) and Domenico Cerasuolo (Sant’Anna)
9:30 Genomic Data Analysis at the UniPi Computer Science Department
Nadia Pisanti (UNIPI)
9:45 Meaningful explanations of machine learning black boxes
Dino Pedreschi (UNIPI) and Riccardo Guidotti (CNR)
10:00 Financial Data Science
Fabrizio Lillo (UNIBO)
10:15 Agent-based and econometric modelling for the analysis of coupled climate-economic systems
Francesco Lamperti (Sant’Anna)
10:30 Break
10:45 Scanner data e transazioni elettroniche: nuove fonti per la statistica ufficiale
Monica Pratesi (UNIPI)
11:00 Information, Entropy, and Networks
Diego Garlaschelli (IMT)
11:15 Exploiting structure in big data: discovery of information in signals and images
Emanuele Salerno (ISTI)
11:30 Big-data processing and machine-learning for cloud computing and NFV infrastructures
Tommaso Cucinotta (Sant’Anna)
11:45 Financial Network Reconstruction and Systemic Risk Estimation
Tiziano Squartini (IMT)

Day 2 - Afternoon Session

14:00 Opinion Formation in Social Networks
Fabio Saracco (IMT)
14:15 Algorithmic bias, opinion dynamics, and polarization
Dino Pedreschi (UNIPI) and Alina Sirbu (UNIPI)
14:30 Big data and Public Health
Pier Luigi Lopalco (UNIPI)
14:45 Wisdom of (Artificial) Crowds
Daniele Giachini (Sant’Anna)
15:00 Industrial Ecology and Complex Urban Systems
Angelo Facchini (IMT)
15:15 Break
15:30 Big Data and Public Sector
Francesca Biondi Dal Monte (Sant’Anna) e Fabio Pacini (Sant’Anna)
15:45 Dynamics on and of Networks
Giulio Rossetti (ISTI)
16:00 Essays on Science, Innovation, and Proximity
Giorgio Tripodi (PhD student)
16:15 Monitoring well-being in society at the crossroad of big data
Vasiliki Voukelatou (PhD student)
16:30 Analyses of migration network effects
Jisu Kim (PhD student)
16:45 Urban structure and mobility as spatio-temporal complex networks
Gevorg Yeghikyan (PhD student)

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