How to do research

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Educational Goals: 

The course will cover the entire process needed during a research study, from the initial phase in which a new problem is addressed, formalized, and solved, up to the final phase in which the achieved results have to be communicated to the scientific community. The course is divided in six lectures of 3 hours each. The first lecture explains the meaning of research and how to approach the various steps involved in the process. The second lecture explains how to write papers, set a good structure, outline the contents, make figures, cite references, and avoid common mistakes. The third lecture explains how the scientific publication process works and how to participate in it, simulating a typical paper selection process of a conference. The fourth lecture explains how to write successful research projects. The fifth lecture will simulate a program committee meeting, where papers are discussed, evaluated, and comments are sent back to the authors for revision. The sixth lecture explains how to make presentations, good slides, and have the appropriate attitude when presenting the work. The seventh lecture part is devoted to paper presentations, simulating a small conference run by the students.
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