Measuring objective and subjective well-being: dimensions and data sources

TitleMeasuring objective and subjective well-being: dimensions and data sources
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsVoukelatou, V, Gabrielli, L, Miliou, I, Cresci, S, Sharma, R, Tesconi, M, Pappalardo, L
JournalInternational Journal of Data Science and Analytics (JDSA)

Well-being is an important value for people’s lives, and it could be considered as an index of societal progress. Researchers have suggested two main approaches for the overall measurement of well-being, the objective and the subjective well-being. Both approaches, as well as their relevant dimensions, have been traditionally captured with surveys. During the last decades, new data sources have been suggested as an alternative or complement to traditional data. This paper aims to present the theoretical background of well-being, by distinguishing between objective and subjective approaches, their relevant dimensions, the new data sources used for their measurement and relevant studies. We also intend to shed light on still barely unexplored dimensions and data sources that could potentially contribute as a key for public policing and social development.

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