A Tool for Aligning Event Logs and Prescriptive Process Models through Automated Planning

TitleA Tool for Aligning Event Logs and Prescriptive Process Models through Automated Planning
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
Authorsde Leoni, M, Lanciano, G, Marrella, A
Conference NameProceedings of the BPM Demo Track and BPM Dissertation Award co-located with 15th International Conference on Business Process Modeling (BPM 2017)

In Conformance Checking, alignment is the problem of detecting and repairing nonconformity between the actual execution of a business process, as recorded in an event log, and the model of the same process. Literature proposes solutions for the alignment problem that are implementations of planning algorithms built ad-hoc for the specific problem. Unfortunately, in the era of big data, these ad-hoc implementations do not scale sufficiently compared with well-established planning systems. In this paper, we tackle the above issue by presenting a tool, also available in ProM, to represent instances of the alignment problem as automated planning problems in PDDL (Planning Domain Definition Language) for which state-of-the-art planners can find a correct solution in a finite amount of time. If alignment problems are converted into planning problems, one can seamlessly update to the recent versions of the best performing automated planners, with advantages in term of versatility and customization. Furthermore, by employing several processes and event logs of different sizes, we show how our tool outperforms existing approaches of several order of magnitude and, in certain cases, carries out the task while existing approaches run out of memory.

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